SEO: A handy tip for your WordPress website

I just received a very handy article in my email from the Art Biz Blog: The subject was WordPress SEO.  (Read the article here.)

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website, you are able to craft it and your posts to cater to those search engines out there, making it a little easier for your blog or website to show up frequently in many searches. As you might imagine, the more often your website shows up in searches, the more web traffic you might get, etc.

This is not a new concept.  However,  this article recommended a great Plugin to “optimize” your website: WordPress SEO by Yeost.  I actually use this myself.  It was recommended to me by someone very heavily involved in internet marketing.

What the author doesn’t mention, however, is that if you post a single image, (I will post an example of a piece of graphic design – which, in my opinion, speaks for itself. I don’t need to write a post about it.), the SEO marks are low for that piece. It tells me that I don’t have enough words for the Search Engines to search.

THAT, dear WordPress Plugin, is what TAGS are for. Tags are how the outside world will find you.  Don’t let low SEO marks prevent you from posting what you would like.

Finding the Plugin: Go to your WordPress Dashboard. (This works only with self-hosted WordPress sites, I’m afraid.) On the left-hand side, find the tab marked Plugins. Add New. Perform a search for “WordPress SEO by Yeost”. (if you search by the name, it will come up automatically). There will be an option to activate it. Do so. Done.

There are some other things to fill out, see the article above for direction.

What are Plugins? Plugins are tiny little programs that adapt seamlessly to your current WordPress website. No one from the outside will see this Plugin. This is entirely for you.

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