Make a photo collage – free & online!

Incredible! There is a place called They offer you editing software on the web – for free! No pesky passwords to remember, unless you choose their pay options (which also look very cool).

I just checked today and they offer an option to create collages with your photos, in many different layouts!  So exciting!  I’ve done up a sample with some Hawaiian wave photographs that I took. It’s very easy, too.

I recommend this site to bloggers who want to be independent or other visual arts folks who’d like to display their work in a professional way.  If you try some, share them! I’d love to see what you have!

I find this a little amusing because I just completed three artistic collage-style posters for a client.  Certainly, those will be very individual pieces, as they were created by me.  What you display on your website or blog truly depends on the look you would like.


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