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Tutorials on how to create things on your own, tutorials in order to be self-sufficient in your own internet presence, and tips on marketing one’s self as an artist.

Tips: Space in Design

Creating your own imagery for blogs, advertising, or marketing? Don’t forget your SPACE. Space (in the physical world) can be described as where objects are NOT (also known as “negative space”). Imagine the space through an archway or in between a set of trees. Imagine a space between two buildings. Imagine the spacing between paragraphs. Spaces can […]

Travel Experience in a Single Sentence

I received some postcards from a friend, Amy from Amy’s Inkwell, who had collected them as she travelled for business. We were talking about travel, in general, so she sent me a few postcards with a different kind of message on the back. Instead of chatty hellos, she wrote travel-journal worthy descriptions of her time […]

Tutorial: A Penny For Your Thoughts

How can you come up with a design idea for yourself or for others? I have found this design technique very effective, the “10 Penny Exercise”. How To: Think of an emotion or feeling on which you would like to focus. Take 10 pennies. Move them around to form a design that looks and fits […]