Poster Design

The friend wished to give, as a wedding gift, a framed “cover” of the engaged couple’s favorite literary magazine, featuring the engaged couple. Instead of the date of publication, the “cover” would have the date of their wedding. Instead of the price of the magazine, the “cover” would have “priceless”.

This was incredibly fun to do.

I’ve posted this on my fine art blog with more commentary on the process.

Disclaimer: The entire project was done in the spirit of homage for a personal gift, not for sale.
Credit: Font purchased for project is New Yorker Type, designed by Gert Wiescher of Wiescher Design
All other drawing, painting and layout are mine.

Character Design for an App

I did some character designs for an app. The designs were described to me to fit a specifically described purpose. I had asked the client initially if he wished for a graphic look or a cartoon-y look. Cartoon-y was the answer, as the app is available for children as well as adults.

I like all of them (if I do say so, myself), but if I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be the goldfish. It was tough to figure out how to have the fish wearing a polo shirt, but I think it reads all right.