A simple advertisement

MHealyDesignI attend and volunteer at a classical music concert series, so I’ve gotten to know some people in the community there. This year, I placed a full page advertisement in their music program.

Last night was the first concert of this season and people who know me from volunteering (ie, showing up consistently) approached me to talk “shop”.

(Between you and me, I had submitted the ad a little while ago, so I had forgotten about it just a tiny bit. I was so amazed at the amount of people who came up to me and said that they had been thinking about a website or perhaps they might order some of my greeting cards. Naturally, I exchanged cards and got their information, but it wasn’t until this morning that I put two-and-two together.)

One comment I appreciated was this lovely woman who said that she was really drawn to the simplicity of my ad.

The take-away from this:

– Get to know people
– Share about what you do – sincerely and simply
– Repeat

Advertisement – Washington Guitar School


An advertisement created for the Washington Guitar School, in Bethesda, MD. The publication required a black and white ad. You won’t see that the shade of the guitar is a nice orange-wood color. We made the color bar at the top of the page a pale shade of that same orange.

Poster Design

The friend wished to give, as a wedding gift, a framed “cover” of the engaged couple’s favorite literary magazine, featuring the engaged couple. Instead of the date of publication, the “cover” would have the date of their wedding. Instead of the price of the magazine, the “cover” would have “priceless”.

This was incredibly fun to do.

I’ve posted this on my fine art blog with more commentary on the process.

Disclaimer: The entire project was done in the spirit of homage for a personal gift, not for sale.
Credit: Font purchased for project is New Yorker Type, designed by Gert Wiescher of Wiescher Design
All other drawing, painting and layout are mine.